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Ireland 'The Dublin Metropolitan Police (1836-1925) 
A Short History & Genealogical Guide'  Jim Herlihy.
An excellent reference work on this Irish police force with notes on medal awards & casualties, lists of members connected with the London 
Metropolitan police, the Irish revenue police, The Royal Irish Constabulary 
(RIC) & The British Army.The book is nicely illustrated  with DMP badges, medals, uniforms & original police photographs.The book is in softback 
format with 264 pages. This is a MINT unused New book.  
Appart from its general content, the genealogical worth of this book is in its 
no less than seventeen (17) pages of ex members of  the DMP, Royal Irish Constabulary, Army etc 
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New Book Titles on Policing, Military & Related History
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'The Bulkies' The Belfast Borough Police  -  Police & Crime in Belfast  1800 - 1865.  
Scarce Reference work on this force written by Brian Griffin. - Belfast Riots etc.S/B edition published by The Irish Academic Press, in association with The Irish Legal History Society. Dublin. 1998. 166 pp. NEW.Note this force as the author mentions in his introduction has been almost entirely overlooked by historians. Its worth also mentioning the individual items such as uniform parts, buttons, medals etc are never offered & are extremely RARE. An important reference work. Price £9.95  + £2 S/H  
Scarce Police Reference Book
Republican Cobh & The East Cork Volunteers since 1913
The title of this book is Republican Cobh & the East Cork Volunteers since 1913 and it was written by Kieran McCarthy. This edition of Republican Cobh & the East Cork Volunteers since 1913 S/B format. published 2008. 416 pages, published by Nonsuch. ISBN is 1845889207 Chapters include The Capture of Cloyne RIC barracks,  'Serving notice on the RIC' etc. Also covers Republicanism up to the 1980s H-Block protests etc., VERY republican but interesting 
reference.Price £7.00  + £1 S/H (Worldwide) 

The ‘Battle of Tourmakeady’, as it became known, was one of the most famous episodes of the War of Independence, conferring legendary status on the leader of the IRA flying column, the late Commandant Tom Maguire. The incident occurred on May 3rd, 1921, when an RIC/Black and Tan patrol was ambushed by IRA volunteers in the village of Tourmakeady. Four policemen were killed in the attack with the IRA column taking to the nearby Partry Mountains in the aftermath....

Donal Buckley 2008 H/B ed NEW
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'Into The Dark' 30 Years in the RUC
Into The Dark' 30 Years in the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) 
Johnston Brown was hailed by Martin Dillon as "the superb investigator who was central to bringing Loyalist Mad Dog Johnny Adair to justice'. 'the day Johnston Brown publishes the story of life in the RUC, from the troubled 1970s to the 1990s, a veil will be lifted from the undercover war'
Photographs include past chief constables. also Constable Victor Arbuckle, Constable Frankie O'Reilly the first & last RUC officers respectively to be killed during the troubles (both killed by loyalists) 319 RUC personnel died during the troubles. The Force was awarded the George Cross in April 2000.  
2006 edition, s/b 313 pp. NEW Reccommended.
Published by Gill & MacMillan S/B ed 
Price £10.00  + £2.75 S/H (Worldwide) 
The Planters  of Luggacurran, Co Laois (Queens County) 1879 - 1927    
By Leigh-Ann Coffey 
Published by Four Courts Press, Dublin 2006 edition. 72pp. Well written balanced historical reference on the Irish land wars of the 1880s in what was then Queens county  Contains RIC references including descriptions of an eviction which involved 250 members of the force on the huge Lansdowne estate of over 9,000 acres + other police references including the RIC Inspector General's assesment (1918) of the methods used by militant activists in pursuit of land reford/aquisition . The evicted tennants commission,  etc. An interesting insight into the difficulties of political land agitation & policing of the community .New slim S/B edition..
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'The Irish Policeman 1822 - 1922 A Life'   Elizabeth Malcolm
This book analyzes the working and domestic lives of the 85,000 men who served in the Irish police between  1822 and the disbandment of the Royal Irish Constabulary in 1922. It is constructed as a collective biography, tracing the lives and careers of policemen from birth to death. 
The book draws upon a wide range of sources, some never used before. They include the results of the analysis of a random sample of 8,000 officers and men; unpublished police memoirs and other personal documents; and the letters of some 200 descendants of policemen. For over a century the Constabulary was the most powerful arm of British government in Ireland, yet after the Famine its members were overwhelmingly Catholic. The book considers how such men reconciled their Irish nationalism with their work for the British state and how their children and grandchildren dealt with being the descendants of policemen
Nicely illustrated with period photographs & reproduced engravings. 2006 ed, 266pp.
I am pleased to offer this scarce highly regarded volume on the Irish Constabulary.  

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I am currently working on a book on the Royal Irish Constabulary with specific local reference on Kilkenny born RIC personnel & those who served here & in the immediate surrounding areas. It is hoped this book will be published  in 2013. I believe this to be a very very worthwhile & enduring project. 

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Contents include: 
'Fear & Loathing at Coolacrease' The Killing of The Pearson Brothers (an Irish protestant farming family in Co.Offaly ) by the IRA in 1921.
One of the many ciivillan killings during this dark period in irish history. Has been described as 'ethnic cleansing'

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 Inventing 1916: words deeds & unfinished business, Military: Dev's treatment of Irish army deserters: vindictive of pragmatic?  Second Glance: 'The Moderns' reassessed, Artefacts: (Michael Collins) The commander - in chiefs cap Badge? which was sold by Mealys for €21,000  Gems of Archictecture: St Johns Church Coolclogh Co. Cork.  book reviews etc.

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'Enright' Mark O'Sullivan (RIC) 
Period historical novel of The Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) set in 1921,the Irish War of Independence is drawing to a close. In a small Tipperary town
S/B edition published by The Blackstaff Press, Belfast 2005. 304 pp. 
A Mint New Volume. 

Price £4.00  + £1 S/H  
Violence & Nationalist Politics in Derry 1920 - 1923  Ronan Gallagher  2003 Edition
Published by Four Courts Press, Dublin.
This is a new book, slim s/b 72 pp.Historical reference - with various mostly minor but interesting RIC entries (Also Ulster Special Constabulary - B Specials mentioned ). Mostly irish republican IRA history but a good insight into the conditions the RIC found themselves in, in their last two years before disbandment.   

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'A Coward If I Return, A Hero If I Fail' 
Stories of Irishmen in WWI. Neil Richardson. 
In 1914-1918, two hundred thousand Irishmen from all religions and 
backgrounds went to war. At least thirty-five thousand never came home. 
Those that did were scarred for the rest of their lives. Many of these survivors 
found themselves abandoned and ostracised by their countrymen, their voices seldom heard. The book includes: The Irish soldier firing the first shot 
The first Victoria Cross Leading the way at Gallipoli and the Somme 
A Beautiful Book nicely illustrated 363PP. 

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ISBN-13 978-1-84717-131-3 

Edward Comerford Books
The Tenth (Irish) Division Gallipoli'  Bryan Cooper 

The 10th (Irish) Division, was one of the first of Kitchener's New Army K1 Army Group divisions (formed from Kitchener's 'first hundred thousand' new volunteers), authorized on 21 August 1914, after the outbreak of the Great War.  It included battalions from the various provinces of Ireland. It was led by Irish General Bryan Mahon and fought at Gallipoli,
Contains a list of Officers Killed, Wounded and Missing.
Names of Officers, NCOs and ORs Mentioned in Despatches.
Names of Officers, NCOs and ORs Awarded Honours
155 PP 2003 Edition By Irish Academic Press

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Images of Sarsfield Barracks (Limerick)Dennis Carroll, Michael Deegan, Stephen Kelly & William Sheehan  2008 Edition
Published by Nonsuch (Irish history Press) Dublin.
This is a Brand new book, S/B 116 pp.Beautifully illustrated throughout. Early images include personnel from the British army Manchester Regiment on the square 1894, RAMC medics in the barracks 1915. early plans for the building of the barracks plus later plans from 1868 & 1912. Plus numerous Irish military personnel throughout the early years of the new free state, The war of independence, the emergency period, the 1950s & 1960s etc, up to the present day 12th Battallion of the irish defence forces  & much more.. A nice work of reference for those interested in irish military history.
Price £7.50  +  S/H @ £1
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'Soldiers of Folly' 
Barry Flynn
The Border Campaign was an ambitious plan to use the tactics of Flying Columns in the Irish War of Independence. This account of the campaign, immortalized in Dominic Behan's ballad The Patriot Game, outlines the origins, planning, and phases of the conflict, and how it was wrapped in outdated notions of republican romanticism. The campaign was to wage a guerrilla war, make Northern Ireland ungovernable and force a British withdrawal. It was an abject failure. The IRA received little support from Northern nationalists, while governments north and south introduced internment.
Collins Press, 2009; H/B ed with DJ                       ISBN 978-1-84889-016-9

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'The Wexford War Dead' A History of The Co Wexford Casualties of World War One 
(Tom Burnell & Margaret Gilbert)  2009 Edition Foreword By Kevin Myers
The Wexford War Dead is a comphrensive list of those from co wexford who died in WWI.Soldiers, officers, airmen, sailors & nursing sisters. Includes those who died in the armed forces of Great Britain &  Commonwealth nations such as New Zealand, Australiia, Canada etc. Good detail for each of the entries plus various illustrations of graves etc. Wexford's War dead extends to 874 names. A poignant reference work beautifully summed up by Kevin Myers. 
This is a Brand New Book, 336 pp.Published by Nonsuch (History Press).   Price £10  +  S/H @ £1  ISBN 978 1 8458 8964 7
'Forward The Rifles'  THE WAR DIARY OF AN IRISH SOLDIER 1914 - 1918  
Captain David Campbell , M.C.
The battlefields of Gallipoli and Salonica were a far cry from life on a small working farm in County Louth, Ireland, and yet, in 1915, Captain David Campbell, M.C., 6th Royal Irish Rifles, found himself in the searing Turkish heat, confronted by a faceless and seemingly tireless enemy. Less than twelve months after joining the Officers' Training Corps in Trinity College Dublin, Campbell led his company over the arid ground to the Front. From the beginning he kept a diary, describing life in these two theatres of war in great detail
NONSUCH (History Press), 2009; S/B ed 157pp.      ISBN 978-184588 966  1

Price £5.00    SHIPPING £1