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RIC Sergeant Ballantine
at Falcarragh, Co. Donegal, An original 19thC photograph of a policeman with his antique bicycle from 1898.
Sergeant Danvers
'Who assisted the Dublin Police' (DMP)
An original 19thC engraving from 'The Illustrated London News'
Dated December 16th 1882.

Over time this section of the site will hopefully contain many more images & engravings as new material becomes available.
Although scarce, RIC images (plus letters & documents also) are now turning up more frequently due to an increasing awareness of these fine men & the often dreadful circumstances of their untimely deaths -  especially in the latter years of the force..
Any such images or other related items  you may have would be greatly
Thank You.

RIC 'Exiled'
'Many ex members of the Royal Irish Constabulary are paying for their loyalty by exile from their homes under threat of death at the hands of fellow irishmen.
The British Goverment are undertaking the removal expenses of married men & their families to any place in Great Britain or Ulster.........'

An original engraving from
'Punch' dated May 10th 1922.

'The State of Ireland',
'Police Patrol Challenging A Suspect'
Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) Three armed constables (Land Wars Era) An original Engraving from 'The Illustrated London News'
August 6th 1881.

For much of the 19thC published images of life in Ireland, policing, etc was provided by skilled engravers, who produced copper engravings for newspapers in the years before photography or before photographs could be published in a newspaper. Many iconic images of rural irish policing exist , showing its political impact  on irish opinion & especially on the poor tennant small holders.
These engravings also provide details
images of police uniforms, & equipment, rifles & other weapons used etc.

The State of Ireland,  Dispersing a Ladies' Land League Meeting'
Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) An Inspector, A Sergeant & Two constables.
An original Engraving from 'The Illustrated London News'
December 24th 1881.

Some period Irish Police Related engravings  & Photographs
from the 1880s - 1920s
Royal Irish Constabulary
An original 19thC  cdv photograph of a policeman from Sligo.
Date unknown but Crica 1870s
Above left 1880s-1890s photograph of RIC Constable John J Hoban
(Co Galway) who was discharged from the force in january 1899 aged 30 years..
The above related document is a handwritten & signed discharge paper for constable Hoban by the Galway county inspector H.A. Coxwell Rogers.
The document gives good details including reference to his good conduct, age, height, hair colour etc.
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Photographs & 19th C Engravings
Photographs & 19th C Engravings