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WWI era Royal Irish Constable William J. Cully
William J. Cully 1889 - Circa 1960  (Lurgan Co Armagh)

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Images details of his distinguished military service during World War I
Sergent in the Royal Irish Rifles.

Constable William J Cully
(1889 - Circa 1960)
WILLIAM JOHN CULLY 1889 - circa 1960

William John Cully was born in Lurgan,Co.Armagh, N. Ireland on 5th April 1889
It is understood that he joined the British Army as soon as he was old enough, as did his two brothers.
He served in WWI in the Royal Irish Rifles, Regimental Number 9/14340
During this time he was awarded the Military Medal and (according to family legend) became the youngest ever Regimental Sergeant Major in the British Army.
It is most likely that he joined the RIC after the end of WWI

The truncheon and whistle (dated 1918)  & are William John’s

Another RIC Group photograph which includes W J Cully.