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WWI era Royal Irish Constabulary Group Photograph
With excellent uniform detail etc.
This group includes William J. Cully 1889 - Circa 1960  (Lurgan Co Armagh)

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Royal Irish Constabulary Group

An original RIC Photograph dating from around the first world war.showing the uniformed police in fine detail.
Note collar badges, & general insignia on the sleeve.
This was a turbulent & dangerous period in the force's history & less than a decade before RIC disbandment in 1922. As with all photographs, you get something of a sense of the character & personality of each of these men.
Visit the homepage for information on Constable WJ Cully. with an interesting account on his WWI service as a Sgt in the Royal Irish Rifles

Note: The mouseover of the image to the Right shows a repaired version of this photograph which was very kindly produced & sent here by email
Thank you.

Constable William J Cully
(1889 - Circa 1960)
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