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An original Station wall plaque from Kilkenny City
(Parliament St Barracks)
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This is the original cast-iron wall plaque from  parliament street RIC barracks in kilkenny city.(Below Left)
The badge was removed in 1922 when the barracks was handed  over to the Garda Siochana
After RIC disbandment the building's policing role continued (as a garda station) until the 1950s.

(See image of the back of this  station wall plaque (Right)   cl

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an earlier group from the 1880s - 1890s
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Locations of Irish CONSTABULARY BARRACKS 1849 - 1850

Please click on the l ink below to view this webpage.  it contains extracts from the (Griffiths) 'Primary Valuation of Ireland' listing all the constabulary Barracks located in
Kilkenny City & County during the years 1849 - 1850.(The Peace Preservation Act of 1814 had established the force in each barony)
The Griffiths Valuation was an extraordinarily thorough undertaking which listed all landowners & tenants, giving a description of each property, its location in each parish, the acreage & the primary valuation in £ S d. This system of (poor Law) valuations  was established to raise funds to help the post-famine destitute in Ireland.
The constabulary information for the county reveals over fifty police barracks. Many of these barracks were private properties leased from local people & this can be seen from the wide variety of 'immedaite Lessors'  (Below)
As this was some eighteen years before the fenian 'Rising, the force is known as the 'constabulary' or Irish Constabulary.
Following the success in dealing with the 1867 Fenian 'Rising the force was granted the title 'Royal Irish Constabulary'  or RIC..
Note: The constabulary information  is for Kilkenny City & County in 1849/1850. Over the next seventy years various other locations were used.
The file will be updated as soon as this information is aquired
Station Wall plaque with Queens Crown
Ulster Special
A Beautifully Repainted Example