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Royal Irish Constabulary Transport Division Group Photograph dating from Circa 1921
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Royal Irish Constabulary Transport Division Circa 1921
An original RIC Photograph dating from it is believed, 1921 - the last full year of the force. This image was kindly provided by a canadian lady who is the granddaughter of  constable Joe Webber, who  was a member of the RIC from 1919-1922 (& was stationed in Gormanston). He was a driver and was involved in quite a few well-documented events during his time before his very hasty departure to Canada after it became too difficult for him to stay in Ireland
As with all photographs, you get something of a sense of the character & personality of each of these men.

Please click on the link to the view an earlier group from the 1880s - 1890s
Thank you.

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