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Royal Irish Constabulary Visit To Ireland Medals 1900, 1903 & 1911

Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) Figure of eight Handcuffs
standard issue Hiatt handcuffs. 
Right: Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) Leather holder for the pictured handcuffs.This item is stamped 'John Ireland & Son.(Dublin).
Far Right: Station Bedplate.


Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) Royal Visits to Ireland Medals 1900 - 1911
Right: Visit To Ireland Medal 1900. This Medal was issued to police who provided security during Queen Victoria's visit to ireland in 1900. The obverse depicts Victoria & the reverse a representation of Hibernia looking out over Kingstown harbour (Now Dun Laoghaire)
1903 Medal. The 1903 medal is very similar except of course now bearing the bust of King Edward VII. It is of similar metal & general design & has a light green ribbon. Both the 1900 & 1903 medals were named to each Const etc on edge.
1911 Medal  This is the last of its type before independence  The 1911 medal is unamed & was struck in silver.
2011 Royal Visit
HM Queen Elizabeth II visits Ireland - The first visit of a monarch since independence.

British Army Medalls, Boer War - World War One   (1902 - 1918)

Military Medals of The British Army Conflicts from1902 1918.
Left: Boer War, King's South Africa Medal with two bars to Royal Irish Fus. 6357 Pte E Hennessy
WWII Service Medal to Sjt R Burton, Royal Irish Regiment, 10th Service Battalion (South Belfast Volunteers)
Right: King George V Naval Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (LSGC)

Many Irishmen fought valiantly in WWI a fact which is ornly recently been acknowledged. Over 150 RIC personnel joined the war effort  in various United Kingdom Regiments & were killed in action. Also shown 1914 - 1915  Star.
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RIC Visit to Ireland Medals Obverse views 1903 & 1911